A note from our CEO - Mary Turner Thomson

(international best selling author)


When my first book was published in 2007 and I held it in my hands, I was not prepared for the astounding effect it had on my self-esteem.  I wanted to understand the feeling and so I looked into it a little further.  What I realised is both simple and extraordinary.


People have always revered stories from the earliest days of humanity.  Our brains are hardwired to stop and pay attention when someone starts to tell a story because it's in our DNA. Going right back to the days of the cavemen, our ancestors listened and learned how to deal with predators, how to farm, about new inventions, how to survive, thrive, grow and evolve. Put simply - those that did not listen, did not survive. Stories are what bind and unite our humanity and sharing them has allowed us to evolve together worldwide.  


Since the earliest days of books that passion for stories and sharing them has grown. We all revere books, we admire authors and rarely will throw a book away (even when it is damaged). Think about it, when was the last time you chucked a book in the bin?  We share books, we pass them on when we no longer want them.  We admire authors and treasure their work.  


When I became an author I thought, 'I want my children to feel like this'.  Then I realised that I was thinking far too small.  I want ALL children to feel like this.  So I started up WhiteWater Publishing Ltd to do just that.