Every project is bespoke and dependent on requirements, however we endeavour to help authors/schools cover costs through the sale of their books. The majority of our clients make more money from the book projects than they cost.  

For example: 

One school wrote two stories, one with the nursery to P3 classes, and one with the P4-P7 classes - in two seperate books.  Each class wrote one page of the book and illustrated it with a full-colour picture.  We created 250 copies each of the two books and the school sold all 500 copies for £5 each - making £2,500. The cost of the project was £1,450.  So not only did every student in the school become a published author but  the school also raised £1,050 income for other projects.

Another example was a school who created an international cook book.  They got sponsorship from the Scottish Building Society which covered the costs.  We created 200 copies of the cook book which was full of healthy recipes from all the students.  They sold out of the book within the first week, not only sharing different culture and ideas but making a profit of £1,000 for the school.


Other forms of funding:

Grants - there are some available though have to be applied for well in advance (ask us)
Sponsorship - we try to match up authors/schools and potential sponsors
Crowd Funding/Parental contribution - you can ask parents to contribute a per head amount upfront to ensure you cover costs, plus you can then sell additional copies of the books.

Public Equity Fund - can cover cost of the project if you are unable to sell the books

Live Literature Fund - you can apply to the Scottish Book Trust for funding under the Live Literature Fund for help with the cost of workshops from authors (including Mary Turner Thomson) which covers £100 of the £175 set fee plus 100% of the travel expenses.

​Book Sales - remember that you receive 100% of the income from books you sell 




Publishing is a standard fee of £450 + VAT plus the cost of printing the books which is dependant on size, page count, colour, quantity and quality.  We endeavour to ensure that the cost of publishing/printing the books is covered by the book sales.  (There is no VAT on book printing or book sales.)

If needed we can provide training for students or teachers to help run a project - cost of these is as follows:
     Author Schools Workshops:  £175 + VAT
     CPD Teacher training:  £250 + VAT
     Full Day training:  £400 + VAT
(currently discounted for schools to £300 + VAT)