WhiteWater Publishing Ltd is now:


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We still provide the same services as WhiteWater Publishing did (ie schools

workshops, publishing services, teacher training etc) and so much more ...

We provide community connections, educational support, and encouragement

to bring people out of their writing shells and take flight with their own books.

The Book Whisperers work with individuals, schools, companies, writers, authors,

editors, publishers, educators, and so much more. We are a community of authors

working to promote literacy within our communities.



WhiteWater Publishing Ltd was set up in 2009 to provide a new publishing service to help individuals, groups and

organisations produce books that they can then sell.  The authors get 100% of the income from the books they create and there are no royalties associated with any of the books we produce. 


We predominantly work with schools producing books BY children FOR children. However, we also work with individuals, families, and companies who wish to have their book published but have complete control (and retain 100% of the income).


We provide anything our clients need in producing their book - from planning, training in how to write a book, editing services, design, layout, ISBN provision & registration, printing right through to book launches.  We provide advice for any stage in the process. 


Our main focus is on books which are positive thinking, goal setting, motivational and set out to improve peoples outlook or education.

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"Participating in this project has been a terrific example of A Curriculum for Excellence.  Our P7 pupils have responded with great enthusiasm and been fully engaged in all the wonderful active learning experiences.  


Many of the ambitions of the new curriculum have been reflected in this opportunity to work in partnership with an author.  


The children have gained a very good understanding of the process of writing through to publishing and they have further developed their literacy skills including communication, creativity and critical thinking.


 Working with Mary Turner Thomson has enriched and enhanced learning and provided an opportunity for our pupils to develop an enterprising approach and skills for life."

Alison Noble, Head Teacher, Sciennes Primary School

 “We have worked together with Mary from WhiteWater on five projects now. She is an inspiration and someone who just gets things done. When you talk to Mary you might have had an idea in your head for ages and not realised it was there. Very quickly she inspires the thoughts to pop out!


She manages projects from initial conversations to fruition. Our pupils have benefited massively from working with WhiteWater and at this year’s P7 assembly I asked who had published a book. A simple question I suppose but not one you would normally ask an audience of 12 year olds. Almost every child put their hand up! This is Mary’s real legacy, making dreams come alive!


Winning the Creative Schools Award is a reflection of all the people who have worked with our school. Mary is a massive part of that and she definitely deserves credit for getting us the award!” 

Grant Gilles, Head Teacher

Dalry Primary School