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We provide a bespoke service to schools on all things to do with books.

Author workshops:





Book Publishing:

From a single author workshop to get your students inspired, or online presentation and Q&A, to a writer in residence project which can take a group or a class - or your whole school - from initial idea to published book.  Including coming up with the story concept, creating characters, setting the scene, developing storyline, editing, publishing and marketing books.  

With or without author workshops we can publish the work your students have done (including stories they have come up with other authors or on your own).

The process is bespoke depending on how much or how little you need.  Some people come to us with a completed manuscript which we can publish, others may want help with the project from idea to marketing their finished books. 


It all depends on what YOU need!  For example:


Discussion about what you want to achieve with the project - such as raising self-esteem, creating an interest in books, getting students to engage emotionally with a subject, creating a deeper understanding, or raising funds for the school.  We will help you pin down exactly what you want as well as talking about size, quantity and quality of books required.  We can help with ascertaining budget and potential grants available as well as trying to match up with potential business sponsors.


We can provide you with a proposal which details out the aims above, plus suggested process, schedule and costs.  You can use this to assist with any grant applications if required.

Create the content for your book.  This could be anything you want.  For instance individual stories or a story by a class or the whole school; poetry about WWI or family memories about WWII; an international cook book, an exploration of the history of food, or a story about healthy eating; fairytales or international folk tales; an historical look at slavery, personal stories of bullying, or an exploration of children's rights; a story in three different languages in the same book; a mix of poems / stories / pictures / recipes all in Scots Language, French or Spanish; jokes, maths problems or puzzles etc ...  The possibilities are endless.   

We can provide you with templates to help with this if needed and/or samples of books that we have already published. 

Should you need it we can provide workshops for either teachers or students.  For the teachers, we can do CPD teacher training with tried and tested techniques for creating stories and books with individuals or groups.  Alternatively, we can work directly with the students in creating characters, writing stories, editing/illustrating, publishing, marketing etc.  

Once created you simply upload your material electronically to us - including an author list, introduction, acknowledgements and any special requirements (such as a sponsor page or suggestions for cover image).

We then put your material into book format layout, design a  professional cover, add in illustrations (if required), allocate and register an ISBN number, get print quotes and send it back to you in PDF form for you to check and confirm.

Make any changes required, confirm print numbers and agree on final print costs.  

We then liaise, upload and co-ordinate with printers, ensuring everything runs smoothly and the books are delivered directly to you for your book launch. 

Book Launch
The bigger an event this is (and the more people witness the authors success) the more profound and permanent the effect on the authors' self-esteem.  You can invite friends and family, press and public - it is up to you.  We can help with media contacts and ideas about things you can do.  Obviously the more people you invite the more books you will sell.