P7 (10-12 years olds) Publishing Package
SPECIAL OFFER for January/February 2021
Can even be done during lockdown!

Since so many of the P7 activities have had to be cancelled this year – we are offering them a special opportunity and experience which is completely safe. It is the chance to see the P7’s work in a published book. 


Imagine the P7s seeing their own book in their hands – an anthology of their stories, or jokes, or poetry, or even a review of their time at Primary school, looking back on what they have achieved – all beautifully bound in a published book. And for January/February 2021 we are offering this package at a reduced rate. This could be:

  • a year book,

  • a history of the area,

  • dreams and aspirations,

  • individual stories/poems/anecdotes/illustrations etc,

  • class stories (ie each class writes a story together and can illustrate it too),

  • a joke book,

  • a recipe book,

  • a poetry book, or

  • a memory book (ie each student having a page of the book to put in their experiences of primary school)


Special Offer price for January/February 2021 only is:

£639 + VAT (including 50 paperback books), or

£889 + VAT (including 100 paperback books)

Additional books be bought via Amazon individually by students/families,

or in bulk by the school at a discounted rate circa £5 each.

It is also possible to get hardback books which can be estimated for on request.


What is more we will include a FREE remote author video session for each P7 class involved to either launch their project, help inspire writing, or to talk about how books are published (or just a general chat to motivate or to answer questions).


All the school has to do is get the students to produce the written work (stories, poems, jokes etc) and submit them to us.  It may even be work you have already done! We then do all the rest (layout, design, cover, publication, print run etc) – returning however many printed books you want to the school.


If this is something you are interested in then complete the form below to find out more information. The first five schools who decide to go ahead with this will get the publishing package at an even lower rate with an extra £25 off!

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