Sponsoring a book project can be very rewarding - after all, people revere books and keep them for far longer than a brochure or an advert.  Plus it is a personal support to each of the authors and their families that will never be forgotten. 


Whether it is £50, £500 or even £2,000 - there are rewards for the sponsor.  For instance:


  • mention in 'thanks to' page

  • Full colour LOGO on cover and/or logo inside

  • a full page advert/communication for the sponsor

  • invitation to attend or even speak at the book launch

  • copies of the book to use for promotional purposes

  • mention in the press as sponsor of a local project

  • goodwill with all parents, teachers, students and management of the project which will last, and they will be reminded of every time they look at, share, or hold the book


As a sponsor you can help decide the subject of the book - for instance a bank may be interested in a book about what children aspire to be (and what they might save for); a supermarket may be interested in a book about healthy eating; a gym might be interested in exploring stories about fitness; whereas a renewable energy company might be interested in creative stories about the future (from a child's perspective).  


Please get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring a specific book project.  


The possibilities are endless.